The Magnolia Soccer Club (MSC) is a volunteer-run organization that provides soccer skill development and competition for youth, ages 5-18. The Club, one of the primary youth sports organizations in the Magnolia area, has grown to its current size of over 800 players, 81 teams and 160 coaches in a very short period of time.

The programs of MSC are overseen by a Board of Directors. These volunteers are elected to three-year terms. The Board sets policy, develops new programs, and interfaces with the Seattle Youth Soccer Association, the umbrella organization for youth soccer in the Seattle area. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our organization.

Mailing Address: Box 188, 3213 W Wheeler Street, Seattle WA 98199

Ben Eckhart

Scott Edwards
Past President

Shelley Buckholtz
Secretary & Communication Officer

Gretchen Jones

Alex Johnston
SYSA Commissioner & Judicial Coordinator

Andrew Lemmel
Coaching Director

Kamila Kilayko

Stefan Bieniawski
Association Equipment Director

Tom Bysshe
MOD Equipment Director

Field Director Parks

John Berta
Field Director Magnolia

Raul Tello
Program Scheduler

Ben Eckhart
Referee Director

Jacob Olson
Referee Coordinator

Dave Self
Safety Officer

U6 Coordinator

U7 Coordinator

Deanne Allegro
U8 Coordinator

U9 Coordinator

Ben Eckhart
U10 Coordinator

Peter Lee
U11 Coordinator

Roy Kuroiwa
U12-U18 Coordinator

Terri Spinelli
Photo Coordinator

Joshua Keys
World Cup Coordinator

Alex Johnson
MOD Mini-Camp Coordinator

Steve Kirk
Visionary Board Member

Ian Piña

President – 2 year term to oversee general activities of the Club. Convene meetings of the Board and sets agenda. Manages vendor relationships.

Past President – 1 year term supporting the newly elected President.

President Elect – 1 year term during the final year of the Presidents 2 year term.

Secretary – Ensure the Club operates within all governing organizations and documents. Provide notice, act as parliamentarian, vote valid proxies and record the minutes of meetings of the members and the Board. Maintain complete, current and accurate Club records such as copies of the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Board resolutions and motions, minutes of meetings, etc.

Communication Officer – Manages the mailbox and sends email blasts out to the club. Manages monthly club newsletter.

Treasurer – Maintain complete, current, and accurate records of all financial transactions of the Club. Be responsible for all funds of the Club which shall be deposited in the name of the Club in one or more checking accounts, savings accounts, or money market mutual funds sponsored by state of federally chartered banking institutions. Prepare a detailed annual budget for the Club’s operations for presentation at the Club’s February Board of Director’s meeting. Register the Club annually as a non-profit corporation with the WA State Secretary of State. Prepare and submit Internal Revenue Service reports required by law. Provide recommendation on all Club expenditures prior to any financial commitment being made.

Coaching Director – Develop Code of Conduct and enforcement policies. Interface and intervene with coordinators/coaches during the year as needed. Manages and collects coach feedback rankings. Establish training and development programs for players and coaches during the season and during the off-season. Identify training opportunities. Schedule clinics for coaches training. Manages and oversees placement of players, teams, and coaching assignments with respective Division Coordinators and the registrar.

Equipment Director – Responsible for purchasing and maintaining Club uniforms and equipment such as soccer balls, nets, goals, first aid kits, etc. Prepare budget for Treasurer before the Feb. deadline. Distribute equipment to and collect equipment from coaches as needed. Publish and maintain an inventory report. Manages the staging of MOD teams in Bonzi as it pertains to countries and assigned sponsor. Coordinate with sponsorship to place sponsor logos on jerseys.

Judicial Coordinator – Maintain the club in good standing with the State of Washington. Represent the Club at all meetings regarding rules, conduct of players, and other judicial matters. These meetings are scheduled by SYSA and WSYSA. Preside at monthly meetings of SYSA Judicial Committee. Be responsible for all insurance matters for the Club.

SYSA Commissioner – Represent the Club at all meetings of SYSA, WSYSA, and other organizations with which the Club is associated, except those which these Bylaws assign to the Judicial Coordinator. Disseminate information from SYSA (schedules, policies, programs, etc.)

Field Director – Fields Advocate for the club. Acts as liaison with Seattle Parks and Recreation and SYSA Field Task Force. Keeps abreast of field issues in Seattle. Responsible for placement and movement of Association & MOD fields and goal equipment

Sponsorship – Engages companies to participate in our club sponsorship program. Works with equipment directors, registrars and coordinators to identify which sponsors get allocated to teams. Promotes the sponsorship program throughout the club.

Program Scheduler – Schedules Association practice times, Academy practice, MOD games, MOD Ref clinic, U10 Jamboree and Interbay Cup.

Referee Director – Responsible for recruiting, training, and scheduling qualified Association level referee

Referee Coordinator – Responsible for recruiting, training, and scheduling qualified MOD level referee

Division Coordinators (5) – U6, U7, U8, U9, U10-U12 – Responsible for recruiting coaches and placing kids on teams in their division. Creates their division practice schedule (U6-U9 only)

Safety Officer – Creates a safety program and guidelines for the club. Promotes safety issues, concerns and questions for the club

Photo Coordinator – Works with club photographer to establish schedule for photo day

MOD Mini-Camp Coordinator – Responsible for organizing and running the preseason MOD mini-camp

World Cup Coordinator – Responsible for organizing and running the end of season MOD World Cup event

Webmaster – Responsible for updating and posting to the MSC website